Edge Adventures

From what to wear to exactly how high you’ll get in the air, we’ve got answers to your questions right here.
Still something unanswered? Then drop us a line at info@edgeadventureparks.com.

Q. Edge Adventures offer what kind of adventure?
Q. Is there a course etiquette?
Q. What if I just want to zip line?
Q. Can I go at my own speed?
Q. What sort of casual dress are we looking at?
Q. What time should we roll in?
Q. How could I ever talk my whole family into an Aerial Park Adventure?
Q. How big do my little ones need to be?
Q. What about my bigger kids and tweens? Should I tag along?
Q. What health conditions would prohibit my adventure?
Q. Do I have to sign a waiver or anything?
Q. What if Iā€™m not so thrilled about heights?
Q. How safe are Edge Adventures?
Q. What sort of safety equipment is provided?
Q. How much time will I be spending in these trees?
Q. Are there group discounts for birthday parties, company outings, team building exercises?
Q. We climb and fly rain or shine, right?
Q. What if I need to cancel a reservation?
Q. I usually carry a purse or bag. What do I do with this while in the trees.

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